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"FIAC '94" Breton designed and prepared this canvas while traveling through France and Spain.A mixture of old and new, with spontaneous , rhythmic brush strokes are the backdrop to a collage of "On Hand" Momentos; i.e. Newspaper headlines from "LE FIGARO", to the FIAC '94 announcement, even the license plate to a French rental car, plus some of the paint brushes, paint tubes, burlap, and crate, all become part of the "Painter's Travelogue"!.


FIAC '94 expresses the artist's restlessness , his international flair, his spirit of locality and immediacy of touch, in a most tantalizing way. Always well balanced and sophisticated, this work includes passion and spontaneity , and as Breton puts it, " You must capture the moment , like a poem, or it will flee".Karin Bryton, Art collector. Brussels Belgium.


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